Find out what’s going on at the KGPA musically here at Airport Danny Partridge

Cool. This thing on? Thanks for coming to Airport Danny Partridge. Airport Danny Partridge rocks! Anyway, here you can find out what’s going on at the KGPA pertaining to music & stuff.

Why Airport Danny Partridge at all? Well, because the kgpa has a lot of angles and this one, music, is worthy enough to have its own blog. We will update you as to the bands, not just introduce you to their music, but also acquaint you with their backgrounds. Get ready, because some of them already have great followings, but you just didn’t know.

Airport Danny Partridge is the coolest band never started, but it’s here for you anyway, as a place to meet musical artists’ work and also as a way to buy tickets for their upcoming performances at the kgpa.